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Net more from the sale of your home to put in your pocket for furniture or appliances
Optionally use the increased proceeds to use toward your down payment or closing costs
Massive internet exposure practically guarantees top dollar for your home
20+ years experience in the real estate business will insure a smooth experience


Why Are So Many Home Sellers Using
The very simple answer is that most people who use Anthony and his unique program come almost exclusively from referrals. But until you have a chance to get to know Anthony and his intense desire to have you succeed you can't make that judgement call. Here's some other great reasons to call Anthony right now.

With a combined experience of almost a century, our team of experts knows how to get the job done right and skip all the unnecessary noise when it comes to selling a home in today's real estate marketplace.

World Class Marketing...
No expense is spared when it comes to marketing your home to the right audience. No one cares if the wrong buyer sees your house but we do. It's all about targeting and reach. We have both down to a science.

Massive Exposure...
It's not good enough just to put a sign in the yard and drop some notes in the MLS. We go where the buyers are and put your home in front of those buyers until one of them decides to buy your home at the price you deserve.

Full Service-Half The Cost...
Just because you're paying less than the traditional agent doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on service. In fact our service outshines most other agents. Maybe it's because we can't take it for granted that we're getting paid





Do you personally have 20+ years experience in the real estate industry?

Have you personally, not your brokerage, team or friends, but you personally participated in 1200+ successful cloings?

Will you have a real photographer come take stunning pictures of my home for marketing instead of using your cel phone camera or doing it yourself??

Is it your standard practice to send a real photographer or are you saying you will because I'm asking?

Do you personally manage the full distribution of my listing throughout the internet or do I just get mixed in with your entire brokerages listings? Can you explain how that works?

Aside from the MLS that everyone uses, can you tell me exactly how you target specific buyers who are interested in our home?

And Most Important...Will you sell our house FREE if we buy a home with you? YES I'm serious!

Why Anthony Created Sell Our House Free

Anthony originally developed this program with just the move up buyer in mind.After all, Anthony gets paid nicely when he makes just one sale so there's no need to be greedy.  
Let's get the sellers home sold and he'll get paid whey the sellers buy their replacement home.
But don't fear, if you're not moving up or not even buying a replacement home.  Anthony has programs to save you thousands when you sell too.


Listing with Anthony Nitz These Homes Are
Just Some Sold During A Single Open House
at or Above The Comparable Values...


Anthony's Clients Have A Lot To Say!
Some of the videos below are actual clients sharing their experiences with Anthony Nitz and his Team and some are really cool time lapse videos of his Amazing Open House program in progress. Check a few of them out.
Lynn was left with the responsibility of selling her mothers home.

Lynn was told that the home should sell for between $435,000 and $450,000 and might take a few months. 

What happened when the Amazing Open House team was nothing short of $75,000 worth of Amazing.

Time Lapse of Lynn's Open House...
During this one and only open house for Lynn, 225 Targeted Buyers Attended the Open House
54 offers were received that  very day
The house sold for $75,000 more than the seller expected
This Family was left with a very outdated home from their parents who passed away within the previous year

When dealing with the passing of loved one's it's hard enough to go through their things and clear out the house but it's even harder when the house requires so much work to get top dollar.

We sold this house for this mourning family in just one open house and exceeded the comparable sales by $32,000

Rescued from failed attempts from other real estate agents listing this home...

This house was previously listed with another agent for 3 or 4 months and couldn't get it sold.

After holding one of our Amazing Open Houses, we were able to get about 240 people to that open house during a 5 hour period and get 53 of them to commit to making an offer.

Dad needed medical help in another state...
John and Christina in Lake Forest CA were faced with an tough decision to move half way across the country and had to deal with the selling of their condo.
Their biggest concerns was if they would have to give up equity for a quick sale or stay until the home sold, losing precious time with Dad who was ill.
The home was sold during one open house for exactly the comparable value in the midst of a declining market.
Sold one week before Christmas...
We especially like showing this video because it proves that our Amazing Open House works any time of year and even one week before Christmas. Local real estate agents said we were nuts to market a property so close to a major holiday but we sold it above comparable value during just one open house.
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