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100% Full Service Listing for only $4,000

No we're not a discount listing service...same service you get from the big names at a fraction of the cost.
  • Any Price Range Only $4,000
  • Any Location Only $4,000
  • Any Condition Only $4,000
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Why $4,000?

It's All About Fairness For Everyone And We Don't Have To Squeeze Every Seller Because We Do Volume
As Home Prices Rise So Do Agent Commissions Even Though The Amount Of Work Stays The Same.

Is That Fair? You Decide!

What Services Are Included?

The Services You Receive Are No Different Than That Of Some Of The Biggest Names.  In Fact Sometimes They're Better.  Most Agents Are Independent Contractors and Although They Work Under A Recognized Brand, They're Still Required To Pay For All Their Own Marketing And Advertising.  This Often Results In No Marketing And Advertising When You Hire Agents Who Aren't Doing Volume Like Us And Can't Afford To Promote Your Property.

We Include The Below Services And More...

  • Full Listing / Yard Sign Treatment
  • Full Service MLS Listing
  • Security Lockbox System
  • Showing Coordination Service
  • Open Houses At Your Convenience
  • Google/Yahoo/Bing Placement
  • Massive Social Media Distribution
  • Zillow / Trulia / Listings
  • High Quality Property Photo Shoot
  • Custom YouTube Videos
  • Personalized, Honest Service
  • Document Management
  • Escrow Coordination
  • Support Staff
  • Individual Property Website
  • Much Much More...

Designed with your profit in mind

Most Home Sellers recognize that they need an agent but we've NEVER heard any one say they're so glad they paid 6%

You don't risk of hiring the wrong agent

With 20+ Years Experience and participation in over 1200 successful closings, you've found the right person to get the job done for you.

You get proven marketing

Our unique distribution system will identify all of the active and interested buyers for your house.

Theres no fooling around

We don't have the luxury of sitting around waiting for a buyer. We run straight out of the gates

No Upfront Cost

Usually when someone is willing to accept less than the norm, it's only when they get a check in the beginning. Not here. We're only paid at closing

Our No BS Promise

Frankly, the clock is ticking and we just don't have time to sugar coat things. We'll be friendly but to the point

Aren't You Just Another Discount Agent?

The Simple Answer is NO...And There's A HUGE Difference You Need To Know

It wasn't all that long ago that most agents would have been thrilled to receive a $4,000 commission.  But as home prices rose, so did the commissions.  But did the amount of work change?  No, not really.  In fact, with current technology it has become less expensive and easier to market a home for sale.  

So realizing that homeowners don't want to pay big bucks, the "discount agent" showed up on the scene. One of the problems is that in exchange for taking less than typical commission they would collect a check up front that was non refundable whether the home sold or not and they either offer an a-la-carte type of service that ends up costing the same as a traditional agent when it's all added up or they charge on a sliding scale based on the home sale price which is what the current system is based in already.  Either way your cost to sell is very expensive.

We are not a discount agent.  We are a modern agent.  Our 100% full service listing fee is only $4,000 no matter the location, condition or value of the home.

Why does Amazon and Walmart usually have the best prices?  It's all about doing volume business.  That's what we do.

High Level Service At High Volume Speed

Our Systems Truly Allow Us To Customize Our Service To Your Specific Needs

When the average agent closes anywhere from 2-5 transactions a year (and yes it's true) it's hard to maintain any kind of systems that are autonomous.  When you're doing low volume like most other agents you have to re-start your system every single time (that is if you have a system) and it's mentally exhausting and physically draining every time an agent "starts over".

When you do volume business, the steps become routine and very easy to follow.  As a result, when a deviation is required for your specific needs, it's much easier for one of our team members to make that necessary adjustment.  But, know that our checklist of over 200 items for each listing is very comprehensive and accommodates the needs of 98% of all home sellers.


Home Buyer Incentive

We Make It Easy For Home Buyers To Want YOUR Home
We recognize that it's not enough to just have a low listing commission. It doesn't matter if the house never sells right?
So to increase the desire of your home, when someone purchases your home through us, we'll give that home buyer their first mortgage payment. How's that for baiting the hook?
Oh, and yes we absolutely do the same for you when you buy your replacement home through us.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Lynn was left with the responsibility of selling her mothers home.

Lynn was told that the home should sell for between $435,000 and $450,000 and might take a few months. 

What happened when the Amazing Open House team was nothing short of $75,000 worth of Amazing.

Time Lapse of Lynn's Open House...
During this one and only open house for Lynn, 225 Targeted Buyers Attended the Open House
54 offers were received that  very day
The house sold for $75,000 more than the seller expected
This Family was left with a very outdated home from their parents who passed away within the previous year

When dealing with the passing of loved one's it's hard enough to go through their things and clear out the house but it's even harder when the house requires so much work to get top dollar.

We sold this house for this mourning family in just one open house and exceeded the comparable sales by $32,000

Rescued from failed attempts from other real estate agents listing this home...

This house was previously listed with another agent for 3 or 4 months and couldn't get it sold.

After holding one of our Amazing Open Houses, we were able to get about 240 people to that open house during a 5 hour period and get 53 of them to commit to making an offer.

Dad needed medical help in another state...
John and Christina in Lake Forest CA were faced with an tough decision to move half way across the country and had to deal with the selling of their condo.
Their biggest concerns was if they would have to give up equity for a quick sale or stay until the home sold, losing precious time with Dad who was ill.
The home was sold during one open house for exactly the comparable value in the midst of a declining market.
Sold one week before Christmas...
We especially like showing this video because it proves that our Amazing Open House works any time of year and even one week before Christmas. Local real estate agents said we were nuts to market a property so close to a major holiday but we sold it above comparable value during just one open house.

If You're Thinking About Selling Your Home, Don't Wait To Contact Us Until You're "Ready" Because You Could Lose Valuable Marketing Time.

Call Us Now For Valuable Tips On Preparing To Sell Your Home For Top Dollar

If You're NOT Ready To Put Your Home On The Market, That's OK. We Work At Your Convenience But Pre-Planning Your Sale Can Save You Even More Money.  Call To Find Out How.